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Whether you’re renovating, starting from scratch with a new construction build or in need of a simple room refresh, James May can help you create a space that feels like home. Simply show your space or floor plan via photos and videos on our call, ask all about your concerns and questions and take notes! The time is yours to use however is most helpful for you. There are countless decisions when it comes to home design and it can get overwhelming quickly.  Let me put your mind at ease, streamline your process, and ensure you’re making the right choices. 

Get Advice On: 

  • Furniture and home decor selection and placement
  • Styling (surfaces, walls, sofas, beds, etc.)
  • Paint and wall treatments
  • Fixtures, finishes, trims
  • Drapes and window treatments
  • Construction and remodel ideas / second opinions
  • Stores and brands to consider
  • Cabinetry and built-ins
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Frequently asked questions

How Does The Consultation Call Work: 

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Consultations can take place on Zoom video calls or via a phone call—whichever your preference. Prior to the scheduled consultation, you will receive a link via email to join the video call or be asked the best number to reach you at. From there, you’ll be able to show your space, ask questions and get advice and feedback. You can ask as many questions as you’d like in the 30 or 60 minute phone call.

How Do I Prepare For The Consultation Call: 

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Depending on the nature of the call, I’ll ask that you pre-provide me with documents like cabinet layout, floor plans, photos and even a video of the spaces you need help with. Helpful tools such as inspiration images, current furniture decor links, provide 

What Time Zone Are You In? 

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All consultation times are scheduled in Central Time. I’m located in Nebraska! 

How Does A Design Consult Call Differ From Custom Design Services? 

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My consultation calls are strictly 30 or 60 minutes and done via phone or zoom and provide advice and general feedback on your project. No post deliverables are provided. My Custom Design Services are longer in timeline—typically 2 weeks to 2 years—and provide a much more extensive set of deliverables throughout the project. 

Custom Design ServiceS

Looking for something more concept-to-completion for your new construction or renovation? Maybe you just need help with your kitchen or bathroom design? No client is ever the same and your needs vary. Let customize a plan for you. In my Custom Design Services I offer everything from one-room designs with hard finishes and/or soft finishes, or larger, in-depth floor plan to completion design services.

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