James May is a design destination that utilizes years of knowledge in the building industry and interior design expertise in the residential arena to create beautifully balanced spaces that feel refreshingly modern and endlessly classic. From spaces big and small, to new construction and renovations, we’re here to tell your story of home.

Katelyn approaches each design challenge as an opportunity to find a unique design vision for her clients. From concept to completion, James May simplifies the home design process to make it easy and straightforward for you. Our main focuses are quality, inclusivity and higher standards, backed by a creative mind with a true passion for design and the ability to understand the specific aesthetic of each client. As a result, clients are presented with an inviting and approachable design, but most importantly, a design that will stand the test of time.

Custom Design ServiceS

Looking for something more concept-to-completion for your new construction or renovation? Maybe you just need help with your kitchen or bathroom design? No client is ever the same and your needs vary. Let customize a plan for you. In my Custom Design Services I offer everything from one-room designs with hard finishes and/or soft finishes, or larger, in-depth floor plan to completion design services.

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Design Consultation Call

Need a quick design resource? I’m here to help! Book a 30-minute or 60-minute zoom call with me. This is a simple way to connect, ask quick questions about that paint you just can’t pick, furniture and design dilemmas, or maybe you just need a professional to help assure you that your current selections are the right choices. With countless design, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Let me help guide your vision.

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Frequently asked questions

I saw something I want on your Instagram post, can you share that with me?

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If you saw something on our Instagram it's always best to look on our LTK. If it's not there, shoot us and email and please be as specific as possible.

How long Does a Response take?

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I am just as excited as you o get started, so I tend to get back to clients very quickly. You should hear back from me in 1-2 business days.

How long does the design process take?

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This depends on the scope of the project and my current schedule. The best thing to do is reach out with questions like this so I can get more information and provide an accurate answer.

How does invoicing work?

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Each project will be bid out and approved. Each project will include a retainer invoice and final payment via a PayPal invoice. If the project continues past its initial scope, an hourly rate will incur.

What is included in a Design Guide?

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After years of design work, I wanted to be able to reach all audiences—no matter the budget. This is the most cost-effective way to get insider tips and tricks of a home designer. Each guide will have functional, design-focused material to help those renovating or building new construction. From my favorite paints and stains to furniture placement, down to my favorite brands and products, these guides were created with you in mind.

Do you just design in the Omaha area?

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No! I currently offer in-person design in the Omaha area, but more often than not, I'm working on remote designs across the country.

What type of design do you specialize in?

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With over 300 homes designed, I've gotten to experience an array of design styles. My favorite part about working with my clients is getting to know them and telling their story through the design of their space. Whether you lean more coastal, European, modern, traditional or you just don't know, I'm here to help!

Do you design interiors and exteriors?

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Yes, I design both interior and exterior spaces. Please reach out to learn more.

How far ahead of time should I reach out to design my new construction home?

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It's never too early to reach out. I prefer to be involved from day one to start with floor plan design and adjustments. There are so many elements of design that are effected by the floor plan that should be taken into consideration before the hole is dug. If you're past that point no problem at all, we can always make it work.

I have a builder and I just need help with selections. Do you offer this service?

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Yes, absolutely. Building a house is a team effort. I have 7+ years experience in home building and design industry. I am happy to work with you and your builder to design and create the home of your dreams.

Can you design my floorplan?

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Yes, floorplan design is a passion of mine. I've designed well over 150 floor plans and love creating layouts that fit the needs of my client. Please reach out and I'll get you in touch with my floorplan design partner, Providence House Design.

Do you help with paint selections?

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Yes, absolutely! This is one of my most-requested services. Paint is tricky, but I've had plenty of practice. Reach out to learn more.

I am renovating my current home. Do you design renovations?

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Absolutely! There is nothing better than a well-designed before and after of a renovation. Renovations can be tricky so it's great to be able to bounce ideas off of someone and help you figure out Plan A, B and sometimes even C.

I don't have a big budget, is that OK?

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Of course! Good design doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be well thought out. Please reach out and I'm sure we can create a design within your budget.

What types of selections can you help with?

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Pretty much anything from big to small! Below are just a few examples.



-Paint + Stain







-Garage Doors

-Roof Materials

-Trim + Millwork

-Stone + Brick

-Holiday decor



-Window Treatments


Can you help with small, one-room designs?

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Yes! Whether your project is big or small, or as simple as picking out new kitchen lighting, I'm here to help!

Do you provide specific links to products?

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Yes, I will provide links to any of the design selections I am recommending. It will be the responsibility of your builder and subcontractors to ensure these specific products will work on your home and provide the correct rough-ins as needed.

I am busy and I don't have a lot of time, but I need help with design.

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No problem at all. I'm here to help make your space beautiful without the headache and time suck on your part. I can make the process as simple and efficient as possible to create a beautiful and seamless design.

How many revisions do I get?

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I'd love to say I nail it on the first presentation, but that doesn't always happen. The best design is a collaboration between designer and client. All projects vary depending on size and type, but a typical project includes up to two revisions.

How long does it take to get my first presentation back?

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This depends on the scope of the project. A typical turnaround is 1-2 weeks on smaller projects and 3-4 weeks on larger projects.

I am in a time crunch and need selections fast. Do you offer an expedited process?

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This is schedule dependent, but if we're not at capacity we do offer an expedited process for a fee.

Do you offer refunds?

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I am happy to offer new selections or edits, but no refunds are given. Thank you for understanding.